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one thing I’ll never do is forget where i came from, what my roots are andwhat i believe although I’m not all about religion, i respect all my saints.
finally Friday!

pants:thrift store, Shoes:dollhouse, T-shirt: T-shirt wearchouse,
bag:brother’s, Jewelry: Madonna,swap meet, thriftstore, recycled

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Suspenders make a boy go crazy, I’ve been on a deep hunt
for some dark green suspenders and I have been very, very
unsuccessful, lime green suspenders are everywhere but that
wont do it for me, this is serious business the color matters
very much in this delicate case hahaa. In a more seasonal note,
my daily wear has not been very Winter instead I have less
layers of clothing on my back, my year is a bit reversed,
for the summer I would wear pea coats and huge fake fur jackets
resembling a very hungry version of Biggie Smalls, now that
winter is here all I want to wear is wife beaters and cut off shirts,
what am I thinking?

.eye candy.

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I just realized how long its been since I stepped out of this
zone, and for anyone that still reads my dear blog I will
apologize, there just hasn’t been much that grabs my attention
lately, but im like a bear in hibernation I have to step
back sometimes, but when im back I make sure im 100% back.
Since my departure ive been up and running around from school,
friends, shows ect. I’ve met new people, started real projects,
set higher goals for myself, and rearranged my brain quite a bit.
(Brother and I for L.A. Weekly) during Mayer Hawthorne.
Solange & I (for Best Coast)

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My mind has been going 100 miles per hour lately ,catching up with
school, spending time with friends and giving barbie’s make over’s
(boys will be boys right?) I took the first two pictures right now and
the rest are my favorite pictures as of now. This shirt is one of my
favorites it means a lot, my brother made it when he was younger
and I’ve always had this weird secrete obsession with it, not to
mention “Very Be Careful” the band itself is the best, they bring
my spicy side out haha.

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PlayMe Jeans all the way from Christeric check out her stuff she’s
the best and her current collections and styling jobs always stirring
up my jealousy pot, not to mention her personal dark tough style is
like a magnet it keeps you checking back to her blog. I really don’t
know about you lovely fellow reader’s but I NEED “PlayMe Jeans” 
PlayMe Jeans
P.S. make sure to check out her second clothing line UNIF

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This has been one of my favorite shirts for a while but I havent
been able to wear it for a couple of years now cause it was too small,
soo I cut it and stretched it beyond the limit and now its my uniform.
Its one of those things that I cant get rid of I’ll have a huge guilt trip.

T-shirt: gift, Pants: thrift store, Shoes: brother’s, bandana object: $1

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