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It happens without effort

Sometimes when you don’t have the right contacts and you’re not 21 you end up at clubs like Moscow, so Wednesday I went to see what the Moscow hype was all about. We walk in and from the start I can see all the hoes ripping that dance floor, about an hour in the club and we hear the famous Crime Wave by Crystal Castles start pumpin, my back was almost against a platform where people were dancing (mainly the hoes) and all I see is people facial expressions changing and of course I turn around to see what was going on and some chick is spread eagle on the platform moving her thong to the side to so the photographer can snap some pictures of it and all I have to say is that if your going to show off your goodies please make sure it don’t look like it took all the hits from Haiti, her pussy looked so fuckin beat up im sure it was infested with at least 6 std’s and the photographer was all up in it, but to top it off her thong was soo dirty it even had little balls of dirt stuck to the fabric ahahah of course it made my night! haha. We had to give her a nickname and since she let it loose during Crime Wave, We cooked up Mizz. Crime Wave for her, ive been trying to look for her pictures but I can’t find them, it would have been a real treat for all of you.
After we stopped by Toi Thai (The most delicious Thai food in LA) to recap about all the hoodrats we encountered at Moscow. I have said it once and I will say it again, Everywhere we go we always have to end up putting someone in their place and right when we thought we were at peace eating, the people sitting behind us were being so loud one of my friends turned around to see what was going on and this bitch behind us starts yelling at us asking us what our problem was. First of all we have learned how to keep our temper in under control from previous encounters, and these people were not worth any attention so we just popped them back into their cage and dismissed them out of the place, with a nice “Did I? or Did I Not? just ruined your night” phrase, and they flipped me off and walked out hahah. (where is my camera when I need it????)

and i guess Corey Feldman was there…


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