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It happens without effort

Anna Wintour the British fashion editor and the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, also inspiration for the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” is on top of fashion and with this industry creeping up on me more and more everyday, I wish she was my mother (not that there is anything wrong with my own mother, I wouldn’t trade her for anything or anyone) but dam! Wintour can make you or break you shes someone who you should Most DEF have on your good side, I’m in love and amazed by this woman I’ve been reading about her for like 2 hours straight.
Not a hair out-of-place and a presence that can make you shit your pants, always front row, she probably just walks in fashion shows no invitation or anything and makes someone from the front row get up so she can take the seat lol, imagine that kind of power. (I CAN’T EVEN GET IN LA FASHION WEEK.)

“You either know fashion or you don’t.”


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