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It happens without effort

Today I had lunch at the notorious Del Taco jaj, two crispy tacos (good for my vegan diet right?), after I stopped by the thrift store with my brother and got myself some good deals, blue & green plaid shirt $1.99, Calvin Klein jean jacket $ 6.99, Levi’s pants $ 3.99, my total $12.97 no tax :). When I saw that jean jacket I grabbed it so fast im surprised my arm didn’t snap out of its socket, I had been looking for one for a long time and every time I would find one either they were too big or to small, but this one was perfect made my day. When we were driving back, some lady attempting to make a turn on a corner got a big surprise when a bike came out of nowhere and she fuckin hit the guy and almost knocked him off the bike, it sounds bad but it was actually hilarious nothing happened to either of them, the lady looked soo scared and the guy on the bike was soo pissed off I wish I had my camera, NOW! that made my day.



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