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It happens without effort

This whole fuzz known as “iamamiwhoami” sure made a lot of people scratch their heads thinking who this artist making these crazy video’s was and as expected many began spilling thoughts of who it might be artist like Lykke Li, Christina Aguilera, Little Boots, Sia, and even Nine Inch Nails were among the artist to be the “iamamiwhoami” phenomenon. I’ll admit that my Brother and I joined the scavenge for this artist making these crazy ass videos but to everyone’s surprise it was none of the artist above, it came out to be Jonna Lee, and even though her management claims to have no involvement with the making of these videos, the facial features are almost if not identical to this artist. So my final thoughts are yes its Jonna Lee, and I will call this search QUIT’S.
P.S. ill try to keep you guys updated on this “mystery” 

iamamiwhoami’s latest video.


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