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Hey local reader’s or if any reader’s lol
Our famous “Tokyo Spa” known for their happy endings, I mean amazing 5***** service, spot, clientele, and view. Is on a bumpy road right now with their business owner’s death caused by Jose Ochoa who also Raped and Kidnapped two working women at the famous spa so sad, so my guess is he wanted more than a massage “reputation” and the women were not up for it and well they got raped and kidnapped. Rumors are that these women always get raped soo im guessing this is like “whatev” to them. So I’ll cut the shit and tell you what’s really going on, we all know prostitution is prohibited so these nasty fat men go and buy women off a foreign country and bring them here to have them “work” as sex slaves, most of these place’s usually get closed down for either health and safety violations, no valid massage license or because they get caught prostituting, so im surprised our legendary Tokyo Spa is still up because I know they be sellin’ out in there. 
1.because no decent spa has a front room were you sit at a dirty ass old chair ring a bell and wait for one of them working women to open a chained and multi locked door to help you out. 
2. because no decent spa screams at the top of their lungs at you when you call them at their BUSINESS phone number.
If i sound like im speaking from experience it’s because I AM!, let me get this straight though im not a fuckin customer!! I’ve just tried to prank call them and before I even started speaking I got yelled at, and second because when you walk by this Luxurious spa they have their door open and you can only see what I described above.
BUT! The question here is who’s taking over the legacy??

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