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It happens without effort

This takes me back to when I used to  live in Mexico and my Grandpa always talked about Maria Felix and how she was a real women, back then I had no clue who she was so the information he would spill about her always came out through other ear BIG fuckin mistake, V-Mag mentions that the Mexican film Star Maria Felix “La Doña” “Never came across a hat too dramatic or a diamond too big.” and I have too 100% agree she was always soo dramatic and she owned some of the most expensive jewelery, but it never looked tacky on her she had the presence and elegance to always pull it off. I loved her attitude it was so “Don’t fuck with me” and I think that’s why she was so respected and well obviously because she was and is a legend. One last thing I love that they included her quote that reads, ” Que le puedo hacer? No puedo ser fea”. ” What can I do? I can’t be ugly.”

Maria Felix never made her breakthrough in Hollywood because they always wanted her to play a maid or someone low, and she sure the fuck turned them down.


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