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Agyness NEWS!!
I just found out my part-time lover lol Agyness Deyn debuted her acting career at a special screening in New York a few weeks ago, it’s a 12minute film “Mean to Me” based on the 1930’s, according to “The New York Times” Deyn plays a woman scorned by her playboy lover. The director of the short film Peter McGough says “She took direction incredibly well, took the role very seriously…she has a real talent for this.” All the Wardrobe was provided by designer Zac Posen.
I’m going to have to see this film even if I have to murder a bitch.

Check out the preview below she looks so HOT, I swear she can act and all ive seen is the Trailer lol, I do think she could have slapped him harder, that’s the only bad thing I can say.


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