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It happens without effort

So I haven’t updated my blog and its time to do so, if you guys haven’t heard about my poor Agyness Deyn’s tumble during  Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show, for Haiti. Well let me tell you, so she comes out Bam! Bam! BAm working her shit doing what she does best, and WA PAM! her foot goes into a bizarre twist and she goes down, she stays on her knees laughing for a couple seconds, get’s up to try it out again, a couple steps into her come back and bam she goes down again, yup twice, the crowd starts cheering for her and with a huge smile she takes those fucking Burberry heels off  Bam! bam! goes on to finish her walk. I think it might have been her nerves from her first fall that caused her second one, hey at least she still looks good she didn’t eat shit and all her teeth, nose and feet are still in place so kudos to her.
P.S.  next time she should smack those heels right into Naomi Campbell’s face just to make her feel better and give Campbell’s ass a little tickle.

The picture below is from
and the video right below that is from fashion411


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