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It happens without effort

From the bottom of my heart, anything that is produced from this lady’s being, does not surprise me. They say that when someone is talking shit about you, your ear hurts, soo lord have mercy on this “thing”s Soul, cause her ear must be messed the fuck up, I cant imagine her life without security, It would be like volunteering herself to get burnt at the stake. This hoe was caught! with lil’ cheat notes written on her hand during the Q&A following her speech at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee, during her speech she mocked Obama for his use of a teleprompter. What was written on her hand you ask? well..”Energy”, “Tax” and “Lift American Spirits” were sure visible, also “Budget cuts” with the word Budget crossed out, were caught on her nasty hand, but like i said, it does not surprise me, I mean this comes from someone who can see Russia from her house, and has a daughter that looks like she came right out of the Lifetime original movie “The Pregnancy Pact,”. Point, blank, DOT PERIOD!!


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