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It happens without effort

I Cant say he’s not an inspiration to me I know I say everyone is my inspiration but its true a lot about him inspires me. Luke Worrall is not your average muscle built model and doesn’t look like most either i like that fashion is changing and letting a lot of different face’s shapes and sizes grace magazine’s, this UK model was discovered while coming back from a skate park in the UK, an Agent approached him and asked if he was interested in modeling, (the best seem to be found that way) and well i believe his career took off from there. He’s been in campaigns for, Marc Jacobs, Topman, Vivienne Westwood and Custo just to name a few, he’s also known for his famous romance with Singer Kelly Osbourne. I also really like the way he dresses it seems like he just throws on anything and some how it falls into place “I think it’s a British thing.”  His Platinum blonde hair (sometimes dark brown)plays a huge role on his appearance and compliments a lot of his clothing and always makes him stand out. Worrall also always gets to work with the coolest models like Josh Beech, Alice Dellal, Pixie Geldof and also friends like Agyness Deyn and Cole Mohr.

                Worrall (left) on “DAZED”


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