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It happens without effort

I have to admit that till yesterday I thought Cory Kennedy was just some lucky teen that somehow met I famous person and hit it off with them therefore she was invited to other cool events and eventually had a shit load of famous friends, see I always assume shit and don’t go in deep in thought about what really is going on hah but last night I don’t know how I came across her picture and I started doing more research I found this article they had of her on Los Angeles Times which basically let me know all about her life story and of course I changed my thoughts about her and now I consider her one of my inspirations No JOKE! she’s real I mean she don’t try to act like anyone else and it’s just crazy how you can blow up out of nowhere I mean this girl got a picture taken at EL REY theater (which ive been too a couple of times) and BAM! she blows up on i mean it makes me hopefully that maybe just maybe that can happen to me but com’on what are the chances? still if anyone is reading this you should check out her stuff


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